KAYA measures professional wellbeing, provides a wellbeing index, creates tailored support plans, and monitors progress to enable the ongoing management of progress. It allows business to Measure, Understand, Support, Improve, and Capitalise on the professional wellbeing of their employees, empowering empathetic leadership.


What are the common professional wellbeing challenges?
Is your wellbeing programme working?
How is wellbeing impacting performance?

KAYA professional wellbeing index – An introduction

Employees have to balance their personal life challenges and work life challenges. Whilst they can seek independent advice and help to address their personal life challenges, they need help and support to address their work life challenges. How their employees feel about or at work is the responsibility of the organisation. Kaya focuses on the professional wellbeing challenges at work whilst being aware of the impact personal wellbeing challenges can have on the individual.

How does KAYA work?

The KAYA professional wellbeing platform

  • Produces an index
  • Identifies three areas to address
  • Automatically shows the reasons that are causing the challenges
  • Guides managers to use this insight to create a support plan with minimal effort

Benefits of KAYA


KAYA service level options

The KAYA programme is flexible.

We offer 3 different service options so you can choose which best meets the needs of the organisation and your employees

Kaya levels and offering

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Rather than give employees a free coffee each month invest in their wellbeing. The KAYA platform has been priced to ensure this important aspect of wellbeing can be affordable to all types and sizes of businesses.

It could cost as little as £36 per person per year .

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