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KAYA: Your Wellbeing Management Programme

KAYA measures employee wellbeing, provides a wellbeing index, creates tailored support plans, and monitors progress to enable the ongoing management of progress. It allows businesses to Measure, Understand, Support, Improve, and Capitalise on the professional wellbeing of their employees, empowering empathetic leadership.


Identify your teams wellbeing challenges
Is your wellbeing program working?
How is wellbeing impacting performance?

Introduction to KAYA

Why Is KAYA needed?

Companies increasingly recognise the importance of proactively supporting the wellbeing of their employees. In the UK, Wellbeing challenges, such as stress, impact on a significant number of people with over 11m workdays lost annually. Covid-19 has brought additional challenges with the now established ‘new ways of working’ of home working and virtual communication requiring new structures to enable managers to detect the early signs of wellbeing challenges and to provide meaningful support to their teams. With so much money invested there is no way to correlate the impact of these initiatives on individual wellbeing. KAYA wellbeing management programme helps organisations and managers to achieve that.

KAYA wellbeing management Programme helps organisations to assess impact of wellbeing initiatives

How does KAYA work?

The KAYA wellbeing management programme produces an index and facilitates the development of a personal support plan for individual employees. It originates from academic research, insights from neurology and psychology and has been validated from over 1.5 million participants worldwide

How was the KAYA wellbeing management programme developed?

KAYA means inner purity in Scandinavian and is a state of mind we would like to help people achieve in their professional and personal lives.

KAYA wellbeing management programme has been developed by a team of people who have a genuine interest in the emotional wellbeing of the individual. With a healthy mix of corporate and international business experience across Technical, FMCG and retailing industries, the senior team behind KAYA ensures commercial and human elements have equal consideration.

Benefits of KAYA

KAYA service level options

The KAYA programme is flexible.

We offer 3 different service options so you can choose which best meets the needs of the organisation and your employees

Kaya levels and offering

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Rather than give employees a free coffee each month invest in their wellbeing. The KAYA platform has been priced to ensure this important aspect of wellbeing can be affordable to all types and sizes of businesses.

It could cost as little as £36 per person per year .

Get in touch and we can discuss the right option for you.

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