Become A KAYA Partner

Win new clients, Sell more of your wellbeing services and demonstrate your wellbeing impact with KAYA. We work with wellbeing providers, HR consultants and industry bodies to provide them with their own branded version of the KAYA Wellbeing Platform and KAYA Insight Surveys.

Use KAYA to enhance your wellbeing proposition like our partners

The benefits of having KAYA as part of your proposition

Run a KAYA Wellbeing Workshop to start your client’s wellbeing journey or let us help you with the process. Create a client wellbeing strategy using KAYA Insight Survey data to align your solutions with individual employee and client wellbeing needs.

Your own version of KAYA allows you to generate your own Wellbeing Insight Surveys, add your own resources, and answer wellbeing questions directly from clients and their employees as they are raised.

Our Partner Insight Surveys promote your services to employees and employers who demonstrate a need for your services.  Share articles and resources and identify the level of demand before you fully engage with clients.

Convincing new clients that your wellbeing solution is right for them can be a very time consuming and frustrating process.  A KAYA Baseline Survey will demonstrate to you and your clients’ what wellbeing solutions are needed.  Saving you time and effort in business development and helping you to build robust client wellbeing solutions.

We share our survey and platform fees with our partners, so all survey activity generates additional income.  Click here to discuss how we can set up a reciprocal partnership agreement. 

Quarterly pulse surveys allow you to demonstrate your wellbeing impact and capture feedback on your wellbeing resources and interventions.  Wellbeing is constantly changing and so regular reviews ensure you identify new employee and client challenges as they emerge.

Overview of the partner portal