About Us

We are a WellTech business that improves organisational performance and employee wellbeing by intelligently connecting employees to wellbeing solutions.


Creating well and engaged employees is central to everything we do; we know they drive greater organisational performance, it’s that simple.   Our Surveys connect employees to their wellbeing by identifying their wellbeing challenges.  Our Wellbeing Plans provide a self, supported and sustained approach to wellbeing improvement, whether completed by managers or individual employees these plans signpost employees to the most relevant wellbeing resources and support.  Our wellbeing partners do the rest.

To build an engaged and productive global workforce by helping employees overcome and manage their wellbeing challenges.

Every employee is connected to their wellbeing though a KAYA digital wellbeing champion platform.

We engage employees in meaningful digital conversation to help them identify and overcome their wellbeing challenges.

Our story

The KAYA platform was developed by two organisational performance and employee engagement specialists, Dr Ram Raghavan, and Dr Lee Williams. Ram and Lee first met at Alliance Manchester Business School in 2001 whilst completing their MBAs and came back together twenty years later through a share an interest in wellbeing-centric performance improvement solutions.

Both are strong believers that employee wellbeing is an integral component of operational performance and business success. Regular wellbeing reviews ensure moments of disruption and distraction are minimised and a happy and engaged workforce is maintained.

Dr Ram Raghavan MBA, FFISP

                                                                 Founder and CEO

Ram is a graduate engineer with an MS in Robots.  He has authored 3 books and founded three companies by leveraging his PhD research from Alliance Manchester Business School.  In his spare time, he enjoys movies, singing, reading and walking near his home in Beaconsfield with his wife and daughter.