Wellbeing Insight Reports

Our automated wellbeing reports help you demonstrate wellbeing improvements, return on wellbeing and wellbeing plans.

The KAYA Wellbeing platform offers company, team, and individual pulse surveys as standard.  These can complement your annual engagement surveys to support your wider employee listening strategy and address the wellbeing satisfaction topics impacting your employees and your business.

Company Level

Gather regular, real-time wellbeing feedback from your people, and react quickly to anything affecting them.

Team Level

Enables every manager to set a wellbeing plan for their team and develop insight into their wellbeing levels.

Individual 360

Empower your employees with their own wellbeing plans and track their wellbeing over time.

Our wellbeing reports help you and your employees manage their wellbeing

The automated reports capture wellbeing insights, report wellbeing actions and track wellbeing initiatives

What’s included in these reports.

  • Company Wellbeing Baseline Summary
  • Company Survey Response Statistics
  • Company Wellbeing Happiness Drivers
  • Company Wellbeing Impact Drivers
  • Company Wellbeing Feelings
  • Company Wellbeing Experience
  • Company Wellbeing Support – Employees with issues
  • Company Wellbeing Support – Employees with risks
  • Company Wellbeing Plan 
  • Company Wellbeing Support Plan

What’s included.

  • Team Wellbeing Baseline Summary
  • Team Survey Response Statistics
  • Team Wellbeing Happiness Drivers
  • Team Wellbeing Impact Drivers
  • Team Wellbeing Feelings
  • Team Wellbeing Experience
  • Team Wellbeing Support – Employees with issues
  • Team Wellbeing Support – Employees with risks
  • Team Wellbeing Plan 
  • Team Wellbeing Support plan 

What’s included.

  • Team Wellbeing Baseline Comparison
  • Team Wellbeing Happiness Comparison
  • Team Wellbeing Impact Comparison
  • Team Wellbeing Feelings Comparison
  • Team Wellbeing Support Comparison

What’s included.

  • Individual Wellbeing Happiness Drivers
  • Individual Wellbeing Impact Drivers
  • Individual Wellbeing Feelings
  • Individual Wellbeing Experience
  • Individual Wellbeing Plan
  • Individual Wellbeing Support Plan