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We help you listen to employees and understand their wellbeing concerns.  No more guess work; invest in the right solutions and build a smarter wellbeing culture

Measurable wellbeing insights you can act on…

We are very much more than a wellbeing  application; our primary mission is to assist organisations in comprehensively assessing the alignment between their well-being investments and their employees’ preferences. Our platform empowers companies to optimise the utilisation of their well-being budgets, while simultaneously enabling them to showcase the tangible impact of these investments and calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) with precision. Moreover, we facilitate anonymous guidance to employees in identifying suitable solutions for their well-being needs, thereby empowering them to proactively address their challenges. This holistic approach not only enhances overall employee well-being but also contributes significantly to improved productivity and performance within the organisation.

KAYA puts you in control of employee wellbeing and organisational performance by linking employee wellbeing metrics to company KPIs and personal objectives.

Wellbeing Experience

Wellbeing Feelings

Wellbeing Impact

Wellbeing Needs

All in one platform

Getting started with KAYA is very easy, just follow these eight steps and create a flourishing wellbeing culture within your organisation…

You can register for a KAYA Wellbeing Insight Survey in a matter of seconds.  You don’t need to have a wellbeing strategy or any wellbeing solutions in place, the survey output will help you formulate a wellbeing strategy if you don’t have one and we provide links to suitable wellbeing providers.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pitch the survey to staff, we can help you do that.  When you register, we will send you some ideas on how to communicate the benefits of the survey.

This is what we do, we capture how employees feel about their workplace wellbeing experience, how they feel about their wellbeing, how it impacts their lives and work performance, what challenges they have and what might help them deal with their wellbeing issues.

How you support your employees, and their wellbeing defines your wellbeing culture.  The KAYA Wellbeing Index provides an overall rating of your wellbeing culture as well as identifying the impact of positive emotions, engagement levels, relationship quality, meaningfulness of roles and overall workplace accomplishment.

The KAYA survey provides a needs analysis for employee wellbeing support.  Support initiatives are ranked by demand and immediacy of need, so you can pick the initiatives that will impact the most employees in the shortest time.

The KAYA Platform lets you develop simple wellbeing plans at the Company, Team and Individual level.  These plans are tracked and completed actions and implemented initiatives reported.

There are literally thousands of wellbeing solutions available today.  Finding the right ones that work for you, your organisation and your employees can be a mine field.  KAYA has curated a portfolio of wellbeing partners to support a broad range of wellbeing needs either paid for by you or by your employees.

We believe that ‘what gets measured get’s managed’ and by reporting your KAYA Wellbeing Index scores you can demonstrate a wellbeing ROI and also contribute to your organisational ESG reporting.

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