Connecting your employees to their wellbeing.

A DIGITAL WELLBEING CHAMPION hub that connects employees to wellbeing solutions.

KAYA wellbeing platform

If you really want to improve wellbeing you need a plan built on insight and expert resources. The KAYA Wellbeing platform offers company, team, and individual pulse surveys as standard.  These can complement your annual engagement surveys to support your wider employee listening strategy and address the wellbeing satisfaction topics impacting your employees and your business.

Review Wellbeing Insight

All of your survey results are accessed via the KAYA Wellbeing HubView previous surveys and assess wellbeing trends.

Create Wellbeing Plans

Wellbeing is improved if you have a planRecord your wellbeing plans in the platform and your actions and initiatives can be tracked and reported. 

Access Expert Resources

Employees and Managers can access resources and raise questions anonymously to our panel of experts, who will provide guidance without any selling.

Platform overview

KAYA – Frequently asked questions

Is KAYA an alternative to an engagement survey?

Engagement surveys record what an individual thinks about their job, whereas KAYA measures how an individual feels about their role and identifies the drivers of this feeling and facilitates the appropriate support where required. KAYA is a complementary solution to engagement surveys.

Can we integrate our existing benefits and sign post them?

Yes the KAYA platform allows you to add your existing benefits and wellbeing resources so that they are promoted to employees.

What do Pulse Surveys help with?

Our Company & Team surveys allow wellbeing leaders to build a wellbeing improvement plan focused on the three most important wellbeing challengesThis may be a Start, Stop or Improve activity that involves internal or external support which can be sourced from a KAYA wellbeing partner. 

How are the Individual 360 surveys different?

Our Wellbeing 360 surveys empower employees to take control of their wellbeingWhilst anonymous employees can also ‘raise their hand’ and share details with internal or external experts for support.