In order to provide our clients with assistance to help develop company/employee wellbeing support plans, we have partnered with a range of high-quality service providers. KAYA wellbeing programme partners are subject matter experts who have been working in their areas for at least a decade.

How does it work?

We have focussed to date on the following areas as they have been proven to impact on performance . If you are a service provider and want to partner with us then get in touch with us

Platform pricing

The KAYA platform has been priced to ensure this important aspect of wellbeing can be affordable to all types and sizes of businesses.

At it’s most expensive it would cost £72 per person per year and then depending on the volume of participants it could cost as little as £36 per person per year.

Pricing for other services

If you decide to engage with an expert from our market place, the fee they charge and the service they provide will be dictated by their terms and conditions. That pricing will be over and above the platform pricing.

Get in touch and we can discuss the right option for you.

Want to speak to an expert?

Our “Engage with an expert” service allows you to ask our team of friendly and experienced experts about the wellbeing areas mentioned above.

Don’t feel alone. You can ask us anything about your health, any time. So don’t lie awake at night worrying, get in touch now.

Working together

Whilst KAYA is technology based, we understand that its success is based on people’s understanding and engagement.

Our approach is one of working together in partnership to achieve desired goals and objectives.

From our first interaction you will be treated as a valued partner and looked after throughout the process, set-up and ongoing.

Each business has different requirements, our experience and knowledge will ensure yours are catered for within the programme.

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