For Partners

Join the KAYA Community, Win more qualified work

KAYA helps wellbeing providers by qualifying and identifying employees who will benefit from their services.  Our Wellbeing Survey and Wellbeing Index identifies specific employee wellbeing challenges that can be addressed by our Partner Network.  At KAYA we don’t solve wellbeing issues but act as the catalyst for wellbeing improvement by aligning wellbeing providers like yourselves with employees who need help and support.  

Benefits of Joining KAYA

  • Access to the KAYA Wellbeing Index and Survey
  • Quarterly partner webinars
  • Get information requests and qualified leads direct to your inbox
  • Demonstrate direct wellbeing improvement to new and existing clients

Who are we looking for?

The KAYA Wellbeing Community is open to wellbeing solution providers who meet the following criteria:

  • Are subject matter experts in at least one of the six pillars of wellbeing.
  • Have the necessary registrations from governing bodies to trade.
  • Are willing to sign the KAYA Wellbeing Charter and agree to respond to wellbeing support requests within the service level agreement
  • Agree to promote the use of the KAYA Wellbeing Index as your wellbeing measure

Why should I answer employee wellbeing questions? 

We know clients and employees want to work with partners they like and trust.  Offering to answer their wellbeing questions helps to build a rapport, develops trust and demonstrates your wellbeing competency.

If you are a wellbeing provider in one of the following areas, then register now

Membership fee and signup requirements

We do not charge a fee for your first 12 months of registering as a wellbeing partner.  During this time we will work with you to maximise the benefits of membership and promoting your services on our community page.   After 12 months you can then choose to move to a premium package where your services are offered in the top three solutions of you can remain on the standard listing.

How will it help you get more leads?

  • Step 1- Register on our platform by providing the relevant information
  • Step 2 – Complete the relevant agreements
  • Step 3 – Go live & get new leads from the platform

Working together to improve the wellbeing of employees and businesses.

We may be a HealthTech platform but we are also a company of real people.  Headed by two academic researchers and consultants specialising in wellbeing and mental toughness we understand the challenges of improving employee wellbeing and the tremendous benefits it can bring to employees and businesses alike. 

We are here to help at all stages in the process and look forward to helping you demonstrate your wellbeing improvements.