The wellbeing of employees is now a key focus for all companies. Leading to 3 key questions;

  • For the Individual – How am I going to get the support I need?
  • For the Manager – How do I know who needs support?
  • For the Company – What support should be provided and will it be effective?

But with an ‘umbrella’ approach to wellbeing and very few providers of solutions able to measure their effectiveness, the decision on which resource to invest in and for which individuals is a difficult one. KAYA has been scientifically developed to assist business with these decisions.

KAYA – A different approach

Engagement surveys effectively record what an individual thinks, whereas KAYA measures how an individual is feeling, highlights the drivers of this feeling and facilitates the appropriate support if required.

KAYA – A wellbeing management programme that

  • Produces a measurement index and identifies individual wellbeing support needs.
  • Reveals how wellbeing affects them personally and its impact on their ability to perform.
  • Allows managers to work with employees on an individual basis to create an appropriate support plan
  • Demonstrates the impact (ROI) of the wellbeing initiatives on the individual and their performance
  • Facilitates better leadership at all levels in an organisation

KAYA – Benefits of the programme

To sum it up

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