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How happy are you about your wellbeing experience and the support you receive from your organisation?

1. Find out what your wellbeing experience is and
2. How happy you are with the wellbeing support you receive from your company
3. Raise awareness of the wellbeing challenges in your company 4. Have your voice heard 
5. Help your company make informed decisions about the investments they make to improve your wellbeing by anonymously sharing your experience.

Despite increasing levels of awareness about wellbeing challenges, there still is a lot of reluctance to speak about it. Many of us are getting comfortable to talk about mental, physical wellbeing but we seldom talk about our financial, professional or social wellbeing challenges. These in turn affects our wellbeing experience and our performance as a result. Organisations are doing their best to support employees overcome these challenges but struggle to invest in the right initiatives as getting an employee to voice their requirement withcannot be the best version of ourselves when we are consumed with wellbeing challenges. 

KAYA is a free wellbeing measurement developed by us as a result of our extensive research and experience. It incorporates a lot of current thinking, and has been validated for its relevance and application by companies. KAYA will help you to understand how you are currently coping and will show what type of wellbeing challenges you need to focus.  KAYA will list your wellbeing challenges, how you feel and its impact on work. Even if you are feeling good, it is helpful to checking in. The earlier you check and identify challenges, the earlier it is to make relevant changes to stay well.

However, KAYA is not intended to be a substitute for professional care and support. If you are struggling or suspect you have a wellbeing challenge, please seek immediate help from your doctor or one of the organisations listed here.

By verifying your own wellbeing challenges, you can stay on top any challenge that is thrown at you. Not only that, you can lead the way for others to check theirs too. Be part of the change and help others by sharing it with your family, friends or anyone who you think would benefit.

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