KAYA wellbeing platform can help you easily identify that
How do you identify the wellbeing challenges of your team?
KAYA wellbeing platform can help you see the impact of your wellbeing initiatives over a period of time
How can you tell if your wellbeing program is actually working?
KAYA wellbeing platform not only shows you the wellbeing challenges of the team or individual but also allows you to identify how that impacts performance as a result
Can you demonstrate how your teams wellbeing challenges are impacting their performance?
KAYA wellbeing platform allows you to track the investment you made on a wellness program, links it back to the impact on performance and uses the KAYA index to then calculate the ROI
How can you demonstrate the ROI of your wellbeing programs

Introduction to KAYA

Benefits of KAYA

“A simple, cost effective and robust way to measure the impact of our employee wellbeing programme on our productivity, performance and culture across multi-sites.”.”

Janice Duncan
ER Manager UK & Ireland, Hilton Hotels

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