How do we measure wellbeing?

How does the KAYA wellbeing programme work?

The KAYA wellbeing management programme originates from academic research, insights from neurology and psychology and validation from over 1.5 million participants worldwide.

The program provides a metric the KAYA wellbeing index, by analysing the key elements impacting wellbeing at a preconscious and subconscious level.

The programme has three levels to offer

Level 1 – Provides a company-level wellbeing index. Data is collected anonymously to create the score.

Level 2 – Provides team or department level scores by aggregating individuals scores. It still is anonymous. Managers can understand their team’s wellbeing challenges and act on it.

Level 3 – Provides an individual level score and is not anonymous. Helps understand individual wellbeing challenges, create specific interventions to help them overcome those challenges.

That insight is then used to overlayed on the PERMA model which then provides a handle on how that perception impacts wellbeing. This insight is then used to create a program to help individuals.

How does the process work?

The video below explains how the process works.

How was the KAYA programme developed?

The KAYA wellbeing management programme has been developed by a team of people with a genuine interest in the emotional wellbeing of the employees. The team is led by founding Director, Dr Ram Raghavan. He has spent the last 15 years evolving the ability to accurately quantify how somebody is feeling and then use that information for help and improvement of their wellbeing.

With a healthy mix of corporate and international business experience across Technical, FMCG and retailing industries, the senior team behind KAYA ensures commercial and human elements have equal consideration.

Members of our team have spent many years working on how the emotional relationship between leaders and their ‘team members’ can affect ‘feeling’ and consequential actions. This ‘Emotional Balance’ between the individual and their Manager is critical for a positive and productive working environment.

It is now recognised that the challenges of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace creates huge human and financial cost. The COVID – 19 pandemic has only exacerbated this position. With the resultant isolation of people serving to underline the need for a KAYA wellbeing management platform.

We have been encouraged to bring KAYA to the business world and are delighted to share it with you.

The Science behind KAYA

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