Can you demonstrate the impact of your teams wellbeing on their performance?

Struggle to link impact of wellbeing on performance

With no clear way to identify, measure and manage wellbeing it is not surprising that many managers struggle to understand the impact of wellbeing on performance.

Organisations in general struggle to understand and identify how an individual or team’s wellbeing impacts performance. There exists no structured way to triangulate wellbeing challenges, the investment made in addressing these challenge’s and the impact it has on performance.

This image show the wellbeing impact on performance. It is a section of the report which shows how the KAYA programme identifies specific aspects of performance that gets impacted as a result of the individual wellbeing challenge. It also demonstrates how people feel about work.

The KAYA wellbeing programme allows managers to identify how wellbeing challenges impact the individuals and the team.

The KAYA wellbeing programme then identifies the top three areas that get impacted as a result of these challenges. Provided with this knowledge, the manager can then create wellbeing support initiatives that will have the maximum impact.