What are the common professional wellbeing challenges?

What are the common professional wellbeing challenges and their impact on individuals and performance? 

We know from our data set that struggling to 34% of employees struggle to sleep which then impacts their level of tiredness and their ability to focus and in some extreme cases causes anxiety. All these contribute to stress which then impacts our ability to perform

Our ability to perform and withstand stress varies is shaped by our view of the world , our unique behaviours, values, and personality. It is therefore realistic to presume that everyone’s wellbeing challenge is different. 

Organisations find it difficult to identify individual wellbeing challenges as there are no approaches which help them do that. As a result, they have often adopted a ‘blanket’ approach to developing and implementing wellbeing initiatives. 

An image explaining the positive and negative wellbeing challenges

The KAYA professional wellbeing management programme allows you to identify wellbeing challenges at the individual, team, and company levels. Managers will be able to see a rolled-up version of the challenges to identify specific wellbeing support requirements they need to focus on.

Workplace wellbeing initiatives have evolved significantly in the last 15 months. Companies are becoming mindful of the fact that the current situation requires more than a few words of praise and encouragement. Teams that create these wellbeing initiatives have become mindful of employees needs and are developing solutions to address the workplace wellbeing challenges.

KAYA professional wellbeing programme helps companies identify and support their employees in the right areas.