How can you tell if your wellbeing program is actually working and is there a standard approach to measure professional wellbeing?

A recent survey conducted by ourselves revealed that more than 65% of companies struggle to answer the above question. There is also an ongoing challenge of measuring the impact of well-being programmes which can inform ROI assessments and enable organisations to demonstrate the business benefits of employee well-being.

When you google ‘wellbeing measurement’, you can see there are very few companies who can measure and quantify wellbeing. Only a handful of companies provide a measurement for the workplace. With minimal quantification in place, it is extremely difficult to demonstrate the impact of any wellbeing initiatives.

Kaya wellbeing program gauge

KAYA Wellbeing programme has the ability to measure and provide a wellbeing index which can demonstrate the impact of a wellbeing programme. The programme measures the wellbeing of individuals and teams before and after a wellbeing initiative, which then allows you to see the progress made. It also allows companies to benchmark their index score against other companies operating in the same sector / industry.