Frequent Comments And Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

C1. We already carry out a regular pulse survey.

  • Pulse and other similar surveys provide a good overview of the team’s wellbeing, but you will not be able to identify the individuals who are struggling with wellbeing challenges. KAYA focuses on the needs of the individual, quantifying their wellbeing and alerting their Manager to areas of concern
  • Specific support plans are produced with the individual as opposed to the more common ‘blanket’ approach of wellbeing programmes.

  • Wellbeing issues are increasing dramatically as many team members are now working in isolation. Productivity is often negatively impacted consequently.
  • The KAYA wellbeing programme alerts you to any support required from the Manager for an individual and which areas of wellbeing to focus on.
  • It only takes a few minutes to complete the KAYA survey.
  • Over 50% of the support plan is completed by your team members, the rest normally taking about 15 minutes of your time.

  • Most businesses do have excellent wellbeing programmes in place, but they don’t have an indexing system that highlights the needs of the individual. Which in turn enables you to ensure the right support is there for that person.
  • KAYA is the alert system that helps to optimise the effectiveness of these initiatives as they are directed at specific needs.
  • Can you then demonstrate the ROI of the wellbeing initiative and how it has helped improve that individual’s performance?

C4. I am not comfortable with my personal data being shared.

  • Understandable with today’s social media activity.
  • The benefits of your Manager being made aware of your wellbeing outweigh the concerns of sharing this information.
  • Your KAYA index score and data will only be seen by your manager, it is about how you feel about your professional wellbeing, something your Manager should be made aware of.
  • Personal index scores and data will not be shared, it will be amalgamated with others when organisation level reports are created.

  • The intention is positive, based upon a genuine willingness to support your wellbeing needs to help you maximise your experience within your organisation.
  • The fact that such a concern may be raised indicates the requirement for this type of programme.
  • The KAYA wellbeing management programme facilitates the conversation between you and your Manager on specific issues that need a supportive intervention.

  • There has been a huge swing towards understanding how people feel and how their lives can be improved both personally and professionally. KAYA is an extension of this approach.
  • Wellbeing is now discussed openly between people and its impact upon the individual is a consideration for all forward-thinking businesses.
  • It is an intervention to support you and not isolate you. We have worked with a lot of organisations and haven’t witnessed negative usage.
  • KAYA is here to help you feel supported, enjoy work, feel fulfilled.

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