What is KAYA?

KAYA is a wellbeing platform that measures and quantifies individual wellbeing. It helps understand how the wellbeing challenges are affecting an individual’s performance and how they feel about their role. You can then use this insight to invest in wellbeing programmes that addresses an individual’s wellbeing challenges and significantly improve performance.

KAYA-wellbeing-programme-partner services

KAYA helps you answer the following questions.

Identify the wellbeing challenge of the company.

Understand what wellbeing investments would have the greatest impact.

Investment to address those wellbeing challenges. Use the KAYA Index to monitor progress and calculate the ROI

Identify how your team are feeling and the impact on their performance.

Understand where your teams wants to support them.

Create plans to help conquer their wellbeing challenges

Understand your wellbeing challenge in order to seek the support you need.

Have confidential conversations with your manager or “wellbeing champion” to get the required support.

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