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7 simple steps to enhance staff engagement that has a positive impact on wellbeing

Employee engagement isn’t as trivial as some make it out to be. When staff are engaged the whole team outlook can change. Creating a positive work environment that improves employee engagement will not only retain employees, it will also get the best out of them. Although wellbeing and engagement have been a hot topic across a plethora of industries for many years, there’s still a lot of confusion around the subject.

A new white paper, The Evidence: Wellbeing and Employee Engagement, from the Engage For Success movement, concludes that engagement can be sustained only when the employee’s wellbeing needs are met.

“One of the reasons neither wellbeing nor engagement are taken seriously in many businesses is because they are considered “in separate buckets”.

Vanessa King,
board member Action for Happiness
member of the Engage for Success wellbeing subgroup

At KAYA our aim is to remove confusion from the equation and to focus on what the data and research are really telling us. So here are 7 things that will not just enhance employee engagement, but will also have a positive impact on staff wellbeing. 

Get to the core

Make staff engagement a core value. Integrating and regularly reinforcing the value of wellbeing is vital to changing the culture of your organisations. To authentically enhance staff engagement for the long term the overall core values of the whole firm needs to change. This can be a long process of reflection and evaluation but, that being said if the values aren’t there enhancing engagement won’t be there either. 

Act with Conviction 

It’s all well and good telling everyone you care about workplace wellbeing but if you’re not really acting on it, not only will your staff be able to tell but wellbeing at work will not be positively improved. Reducing staff turnover and enhancing employee engagement comes from conviction. Humans are incredible at deciphering the true meaning behind words and if HR, Management or anyone in the senior seats doesn’t talk about wellbeing, mental health or employee relations without true confidence it just won’t work.  


Just like walking the talk, clear communication with staff is a key step forward in improving employee relations and wellbeing at work. Listen to how people are really feeling and trust what your staff have to say. Enhancing engagement of staff is dependent on understanding the position they feel they are in so take the time to let them know why these changes are coming, and equally as much time to listen to their feedback. 

Positive Motivation 

Incentives can be wide ranging and mean any number of things to different firms. But whatever incentives you choose they need to speak and connect to your employees. Throwing a free gym membership at everyone and thinking that will get the best out of everyone just won’t cut it. Motivation comes in all forms but creating motivation in a positive way that embraces healthy mental health whilst increasing the team’s engagement is key. Finding the right incentives that are not just a little perk, but tackle employee needs will strongly enhance employee engagement. 


Getting the proper training for both management, HR and the whole team is a key part to enhancing employee engagement. Often people focus on just the team, without realising that a corporate culture change needs to come from everyone involved if it’s really going to work. To make sure the whole team are really understanding the importance of mental health and wellbeing at work and how staff engagement effects this, get them in the right leadership training programmes. Ensuring the right training is being delivered to your staff will provide the necessary tools to enhance staff engagement and productivity as well as the long term health of the team. 

Measure for Measure 

At KAYA, we have taken the unknown out of the wellbeing decisions by creating the RBX Index, which allows us to properly measure employee wellbeing and engagement quickly and effectively. Properly measuring data and analysing is a key factor in enhancing employee engagement. If you do not know how things are changing you cannot say if it’s working or not. Give HR the tools they need to evaluate what’s really going on with your employees. 

Act on the it 

Once measuring is done, the best thing to do is to properly act on the data. There’s no use measuring, if you don’t act on it. The most common complaint we get from employees across the board, is that nothing ever changes after giving feedback. Why would they tell the truth about how they feel about their jobs and place of work if it’s ignored? Why express your financial anxiety or how you feel stretched too thin when you feel like HR and upper management don’t really care or do anything? So how to change this perception? Act on the measurements. Let your staff know they are being understood. The more you care the more they will care. Enhancing employee engagement doesn’t need to be rocket science it just needs to be acted on. 

To sum it up

7 steps to increase employee engagement
7 Steps to increase employee engagement

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